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2016 ICEC Award Winners

The following 2016 ICEC Awards were presented at the 10th ICEC World Congress  in October 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Distinguished International Fellow Award
Peter Smith – AIQS (Australia)
Madhu Pillai – AACE (Saudi Arabia/USA)
Emanuele Banchi – AICE (Italy)
Angelo Valle – IBEC (Brazil)
Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award
Walter Krause (Brazil)
for his paper “Project Audit Processes & Project Governance to Improve Results”.
Kenneth K. Humphreys Outstanding Paper Award
Project Management Award:
Jessica Colbert, AACE International, for the paper “Avoiding CPM Schedule Mismanagement: Maximize Uses”
Cost Engineering Award:
Muhammad Yaseen Bhamjee, ASAQS, for the paper “Lighting Retrofits – Home Owner Mindsets Towards Energy Efficiency”
ICEC Region and Chair Awards
Chair Awards
Peter Smith (AIQS – Australia)

TT Cheung (HKIS – Hong Kong)
Region 1 The Americas Award
State Deputy Luis Paulo (Brazil)
State Deputy Paulo Ramos (Brazil)
Region 2 Europe and Near East Awards
Andrej Kerin (ZPM Slovenia)
Alec Ray (ACostE – United Kingdom)
Region 3 Africa Awards
Prof JJP (Basie) Verster (ASAQS – South Africa)
Prof Rob Pearl (ASAQS – South Africa)
Region 4 Asia Pacific Awards
Julie Cruz (PICQS – The Philippines)
Keith Yim (HKIS – Hong Kong)
Special Central/South American Awards
Edson Bez da Silva (Edinho Bez)
Maria Teresa Zapata
Maria Teresa Pino
Alejandro Vargas
Alfredo Serpell
José Calix
Diana Espinosa Bula
MNST Eng. Amparo López