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ICEC World Congresses & Council Meetings

ICEC holds a global Congress and Council Meeting every 2 years. ICEC also holds annual regional meetings in each of the 4 ICEC regions (Region 1 – North/South America, Region 2 – Europe/Near East, Region 3 – Africa & Region 4 – Asia Pacific). Further meetings are held as required. The first International Cost Engineering Council Congress (ICEC) was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1971. Since 1972 there has been an ICEC Congress every second year. Our most recent Congress was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in October, 2016. ICEC holds its Council Meeting every 2 years in conjunction with these World Congresses. The next ICEC Congress will be held from 18-20 November 2018 in Sydney, Australia as a joint conference with the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS). This will be hosted by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) – an ICEC member association. The ICEC Council Meeting will be held in conjunction with this Congress from 16-17 October 2018. Further details can be obtained from the Congress Website at:
Click the link below to see where  ICEC Congresses have been held since 1972:

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