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If you have any further questions about the International Cost Engineering Council after looking at our website please contact the ICEC Secretariat or the member association in your country.

The ICEC Secretariat, which is located in Canberra, Australia. The Secretariat may be contacted by email.

Contact details of our member societies can be found on the ICEC Members Page.

2008 - 2010 ICEC Office holders

ICEC office holders are members of an ICEC member association and are elected for a two year period. The term of the current officers will end in May 2010.

The current ICEC officers are:

Peter Cox
Peter Cox
Murtala Oladapo
Murtala Oladapo
Senior Vice-Chair
Dr Peter Smith
Dr Peter Smith

Alexia Nalewaik
Admn. Vice-Chair
United States
Carsten Wredstrom
Carsten Wredstrom
Admin. Vice-Chair
TTChueng.jpg - 25391 Bytes
TT Cheung
Tech. Vice-Chair
Hong Kong

  • Ginette Basak, Past Chair, Canada
  • Angelo do Valle, Director Region 1, Brazil
  • Chris Kinney, Assistant Secretary Region 1, United States of America
  • Andre Kerin, Director Region 2, Slovenia
  • Alec Ray, Assistant Director Region 2, United Kingdom
  • Rob van Hoeve, Assistant Secretary Region 2, Netherlands
  • Kwado H Osei-Asante, Director Region 3, Ghana
  • Egon Wortman, Assistant Secretary Region 3, Republic of South Africa
  • Teo Wooi Sin, Director Region 4, Singapore
  • HH Kwan, Assistant Secretary Region 4, Malaysia
  • Roger Batten, Chair, Advisory Committee, United Kingdom

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