Instituto Brasileiro de Engenharia de Custos (IBEC)
(Brazilian Institute of Cost Engineers)

ICEC Member since 1981

Address: Caixa Postal 3317
Rio de Janeiro RJ 20001-970
Phone: 55 21 255 2948 or 55 21 233 5596
Internet address:
President: Paulo Roberto Vilela Dias -
ICEC delegate: Jose Angelo Santos do Valle -

The Brazilian Institute of Cost Engineers was founded on May 27, 1980 as an independent organization for Brazil. Prior to that time it had been a Section of AACE International.

In recent years IBEC was relatively inactive due to the severe economic problems which existed in Brazil. After a long period of high inflation, prices in Brazil have now stabilized and IBEC is resuming its efforts to gain membership and to create regional sections throughout the country. IBEC's objectives are to:

  1. Rebuild the organization with a growth in membership;
  2. Enlarge IBEC's influence in Brazil and increase the number of IBEC Sections;
  3. Improve collaboration with similar associations throughout the world with the support of ICEC; and
  4. Aid in development of technical procedures for Brazilian cost engineering with the support of the Brazilian Association of Technical Procedures (ABNT).

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