Project Management Associates - India (PMAI)
ICEC Member since 2003

Address: A48, Sector 5
Noida 201 - 301
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 91 120 242 0444 or 91 120 242 0463
Fax: 91 120 242 1484 or 91 120 242 1482
Internet address:
President and ICEC Delegate: Adesh Jain -
Executive Director:


Project Management Associates, a member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a non-profit registered, professional body of Projects and Business Managers with the aim of strengthening Project Management in India. It was founded in 1993, under the aegis of Adesh Jain as its Honorary President. Since than it has made impressive strides in creating a substantial increase in awareness amongst CEO’s, Practicing Managers and Academia regarding the importance of balancing time, cost and scope with built-in quality to meet the diversified expectations of various stake-holders. Moreover it has ambitious plans to embark on a new voyage to expand and build new frontiers in the hitherto untravelled field of mutual cooperation both nationally and internationally in the field of Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

In view of PMA-India’s International standing and recognition, it is credited with having signed a General Agreement of Cooperation with the Project Management Institute of USA. PMA’s Honorary President Adesh Jain is the first Non-European to be a member of the Executive Board, IPMA.

Aims and Objectives:


The success and popularity of PMA-India is reflected in the in the various activities of the association and growth in numbers in the last couple of years. PMA Membership is extended on the payment of nominal fees to all those individuals or corporations / organizations who share the objectives of the society and are willing to work for its furtherance after approval by the National Managing Committee.

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