International Project Management Association (IPMA) – Protocol Agreement

The following has been agreed:

  1. IPMA and ICEC intend to seek and establish compatible co-operative activities in the fields of project management and cost engineering for the mutual benefit of both organisations and their constituent memberships. This co-operation will be seeked at three geographical levels: world-wide, in Europe, within each country where IPMA or ICEC are active. The national associations of each organisation will be encouraged to cooperate in their respective countries.
  2. IPMA and ICEC will each nominate a representative to co-ordinate the co-operative activities. They will issue an annual report on co-operative activities.
  3. Each organisation will extend to the President/Chairman and to the previously identified representative, complimentary invitations to the major meetings held by each organisation, such as Board Meetings, Council of Delegates Meetings, Congresses, Symposia, Seminars, etc. Each organisation will extend to the members of the other organisation the same reduced fees for international events as for its own membership.
  4. Both organisations will exchange information on a regular basis:
    -for publication on coming events in each organisation’s journal/newsletter
    -for distribution to respective member associations on publications, proceedings and other member services
    -mailing lists for specific agreed purposes.
  5. A complimentary exhibition space will be provided on request at either organisation’s international events, in order to promote the exchange of information on each other’s activities.
  6. IPMA and ICEC will continue developing their respective certification programmes (project managers for IPMA, cost engineers for ICEC), which they consider as complementary and not competing with each other, in tight connection and, operating in common, will approach jointly all appropriate official bodies, at multi and mono-national levels, for their recognition. IPMA and ICEC Certification Directors will co-ordinate their actions accordingly.
  7. This protocol shall continue in force subject to review by both organisations at least once per annum. Amendments may be made at any time by mutual agreement.

This protocol has been signed on the occasion of the Thirteenth International Cost Engineering Congress in London on October 8th, 1994.

On behalf of IPMA
The International Project
Management Association
by Klaus Pannenbäcker, President /s/

On behalf of ICEC
The International Cost Engineering Council
by James A. Bent, Chairman /s/

(Note: This document was posted to the ICEC Internet page on 19 May 1998. At the time this protocol was originally signed, IPMA was known as INTERNET. The above text has been amended to replace references to “INTERNET” with “IPMA”)