ICEC International Cost Management Journal (ICMJ)

ISSN 2077-8848

Editor – Peter Smith

The ICEC International Cost Management Journal (ICMJ) was established in 2002 and comprises  selected classic peer-reviewed Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Project Management papers published by ICEC members in peer-reviewed academic journals, ICEC world congress proceedings, ICEC Member congress proceedings and other congress proceedings by associations with MOC/MOU agreements with ICEC.
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ICEC June 2018 International Roundup Newsletter

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Copies of past issues of the newsletter can be found below.

Past International Roundup Newsletters

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Prospective Member Information Kit

ICEC is an umbrella organisation that represents project cost management associations on a global scale. Its membership currently comprises well over 40 professional associations spread throughout the world. Whilst ICEC does not permit individual membership, ICEC collectively represents more than 120,000 project cost management professionals from over 100 different nations in the fields of Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Project Management. These professionals are all members of ICEC member associations.

Click below for a copy of the ICEC Prospective Member Information Kit. This kit also provides useful information for ICEC member associations and their individual members.


ICEC Information Brochure

Click below for an information brochure on ICEC.


Women in Project Management – Interview with Deanne Earle and Dr Alexia Nalewaik

‘Women in project management’ is an interview with Dr Alexia Nalewaik – ICEC Chair and Deanne Earle the Director of Unlike Before Ltd conducted by KnowledgeTrain.

Please click on the following link to access the interview article: ‘Women in project management’


DACE Price Booklet- 30th Edition

602C140526ef DACE Price Booklet v1

The 30th edition of the DACE Price Booklet, in combination with the new website, is out now!

The 30th edition of the DACE Price Booklet offers invaluable guidance while preparing and comparing cost estimates. The booklet and website provide (online) cost information for almost any part of industrial process facilities. Specific and detailed information is available for various disciplines, such as process, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural and civil engineering. Composite unit rates are given for surface area of production, warehouse, office and laboratory facilities.

The DACE Price Booklet and website represent actual costs incurred by members of the DACE Special Interest Group Cost Engineering Process Industry: Cost experts who are actively involved in investment projects, at the core of practice. As such, this kind of pricing has great additional value in comparison to catalogue prices.

To order DACE Price Booklet or take out a subscription, please visit or

International Roundup Newsletter – Previous Versions

International Roundup was the electronic journal of the International Cost Engineering Council
(ISSN 1832-7249) prior to 2007. From 2007-2009 it was replaced by periodic newsletters and the
ICEC Cost Management Journal . The new International Roundup Newsletter was introduced in 2010 (these newsletters are provided above).

Links to past issues of International Roundup are below.

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