ICEC Delegate Information

This section of the ICEC homepage provides reference documents for the use of ICEC Delegates and other authorized persons only. To download any document, click on the document name. If you wish to confirm any information in these directories please email the ICEC Secretariat.

ICEC Chairs & Secretary-Treasurers

Excel listing of ICEC Executive and members.This listing includes key contacts within each member organization, other prominent members of these organizations, other organizations who are interested in ICEC, and various persons who have expressed interest in receiving information from ICEC. The listing is fully sortable by name, country, ICEC region, ICEC membership, postiton, or organization initials. The ICEC regions are: Region 1 - North and South America
Region 2 - Europe and the Near East
Region 3 - Africa
Region 4 - Asia-Pacific
Note: The listing is periodically updated and and recent changes, additions, or deletions are highlighted.

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