Advantages and Obligations of Membership.

The following list describes some of the advantages obtained by an association which affiliates with ICEC and lists some of the obligations of member associations.

  1. Participation in a worldwide information network for exchange of cost engineering,quantity surveying, and project management information and experiences;
  2. Encouragement of the conduct of regional and worldwide congresses, meetings, forums, and seminars;
  3. Promotion of standards for certification and continuing professional development programs worldwide;
  4. Accreditation of certification and continuing professional development programs of member societies and reciprocal recognition of such accredited programs;
  5. Promotion of member society congresses, symposia, and other technical events worldwide through the publications of the ICEC member societies and the ICEC newsletter, “International Roundup”;
  6. Sharing of technical journals and other publications with the other ICEC member societies;
  7. Right to reprint (with appropriate credit) articles appearing in the journals of other ICEC member societies;
  8. Granting of host society member registration fees to members of any ICEC society while attending congresses, seminars, symposia, and other technical events sponsored by another member society;
  9. Granting individual members of any ICEC society the rights and privileges of membership (excluding the right to vote or stand for elective office) while temporarily residing or working in the home country of another member society;
  10. Promotion of co-operative research and technical activities among member societies;
  11. Availability of a homepage on the Internet for promotion of society activities at no charge to the society requesting this service;
  12. Development of international standards for terminology in cost engineering, quantity surveying, and project management;
  13. Increased delegate attendance at congresses, seminars, and symposia through participation by members of ICEC societies in other countries;
  14. Increased sales of publications through publicity and book reviews published in journals of other member societies and in “International Roundup”;
  15. Worldwide communication for queries about technical matters by individual members of ICEC societies;
  16. Development of beneficial relationships with other worldwide coordinating bodies such as the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the Pacific and Africa Associations of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS & AAQS), and the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG);
  17. Fostering of beneficial relationships between professors and universities engaged in cost engineering, quantity surveying, and project management education; and
  18. Joint development of position papers and reference documents of broad international interest.
  19. Waiver of registration fees for the Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer of ICEC at all events which are sponsored or hosted by the Member organization. If they are not personally able to attend an event hosted by a member organization, the ICEC Chairperson and Secretary-treasurer may designate another ICEC official to attend as their representative.