AICE (Associazione Italiana d’Ingegneria Economica) (CE)

Associazione Italiana d’Ingegneria Economica (AICE)
Association of Cost Management)
ICEC Member since


Viale Isonzo

I-20135 Milano ITALY

Phone: 39 02 5836 5936
Fax: 39 02 5836 5558
Internet address:
President: Emanuele Banchi-, or
Vice President: Massimiliano Arena –, or
Past President and ICEC DelegateTreasurer and Secretary Gianluca di Castri- or dicastri@ideaconsult.itAlberto Biancheri –, or 


The AICE started its activity in 1979 and, since then, has worked in strict  cooperation with the Bocconi University in Milano, the LUISS in Roma and other universities (Milano, Torino, Genova, Bari, Lecce),  with the  Professional Order of the Engineers in Milano, as well as with other professional  societies.

AICE has approsimately 200 members including university lecturers, managers,  professionals and students. Members are classified in different categories,  namely fellows, associates and students. A few members have been elected to  lifetime honorary fellowship. Since 1999, the AICE also allows corporate  membership.

About half of the members hold the certificate, whose Italian title is Esperto in Ingegneria Economica, issued by the AICE and accredited by the  ICEC. A new lower level certification was accredited in year 2000 (Praticante  in Ingegneria Economica).

In 2006 AICE requested registration as a professional association in the  Italian CNEL, the National Council of Economics and Work. While the CNEL’s  function is provided for in the 1948 Italian Constitution this council has been  not fully implemented until now. It is composed of representatives of industrial  associations, trade unions and local authorities, etc. AICE has also joined the  COLAP, a federation of professional associations that aims to promote the  position of the private professionals in Italy as well as the FAST (Federation of Scientifical and Technical Associations).

In 2011 the AICE has requested the registration at Ministry of Justice according to the new law on professions.




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