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What is the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)?

The International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) is a non-political and non-profit organization that was founded in 1976 with the object of promoting cooperation between national and multinational cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management organizations worldwide for their mutual wellbeing and that of their individual members. Click Here for an information kit about ICEC.

ICEC member societies are located in more than 40 countries, and have chapters or sections in many additional countries. Through these chapters and sections, ICEC has access to more than 300,000 cost engineers and project managers in over 120 different nations. Regular ICEC meetings are attended by delegates of the member societies where subjects of common interests are exchanged and discussed. Each member society has one vote on the Council.

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2022-2024 ICEC Executive Officeholders

ICEC office holders are members of an ICEC member association and are elected for a two year period. The current ICEC officers for 2022-24 are:

Angelo Valle ICEC Board
Angelo Valle
ICEC Chair

Eugene Seah
ICEC Senior Vice Chair

peter smithDr Peter Smith
ICEC Secretary-General

Kofi Obeng Ayireb
ICEC Admin.

Aldo Mattos

ICEC Admin.

Alec Ray
ICEC Technical
Vice Chair
United Kingdom

Image result for gianluca di castri
Gianluca di Castri
ICEC Immediate Past Chair
Sean Regan
Marketing Director

Madhu Pillai


Middle East Director
Saudi Arabia

Roger Batton
Advisory Board Chair
United Kingdom
    • ICEC Region Directors
      Region 1 – Paulo Dias (Brazil)
      Region 2 – Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
      Region 3 – Njeri Wachira Towey (Kenya)
      Region 4 – Keith Yim (Hong Kong)
    • ICEC Region Deputy Directors
    • External Relations
    • Region 1- Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez (Mexico)
    • Region 2- Alan Barltrop (United Kingdom)
    • Region 3- Michael Frimpong (Ghana)
    • Region 4 – Julie Cruz (The Philippines)
    • Marketing
    • Region 1- Maria Teresa Dalenz (Bolivia)
    • Region 2- Danilo Arba (Italy)
    • Region 3- Jennifer Musyimi (Kenya)
    • Region 4 -To Be Advised
    • Standards/Professional Development
    • Region 1- Jose Calix (Honduras)
    • Region 2-Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
    • Region 3- Christelle Brown (South Africa)
    • Region 4 – Goh Ngan Hong (Singapore)
    • Academic Forums/Research
    • Region 1- Maria Teresa Pino (Paraguay)
    • Region 2- Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
    • Region 3- John Muhumuza (Uganda)
    • Region 4- Professor Anthony Mills (Australia)
    • ICEC Region Assistant Secretaries
    • Region 1- Heitor Luz (Brazil)
    • Region 2- To Be Advised
    • Region 3- Ayodele Faleye (Nigeria)
    • Region 4- Zhang Xingwang (China)

ICEC Ambassadors
Gianluca di Castri ICEC Chair 2020-22
Kwadwo Osei-Asante ICEC Chair 2018-20
TT Cheung ICEC Chair 2016-18
Dr Alexia Nalewaik ICEC Chair 2014-16
Carsten Wredstrøm ICEC Chair 2012-14
Murtala Oladapo ICEC Chair 2010-12
Peter Cox ICEC Chair 2008-10
Ginette Basak ICEC Chair 2006-08
Basie Verster ICEC Chair 2004-06
Dennis Lenard ICEC Chair 2000-02
Allen Hamilton ICEC Chair 1998-2000
Roger Batten ICEC Chair 1996-98
Christopher Walker Inaugural ICEC Chair 1976-1980
Ong See Lian RICS Global President 2011-12, PAQS Chair 2003-05, RISM President 2003-04
Adesh Jain IPMA Chair 2007-08,
ICPMA President 2008-09, PMA-India Hon Nat President

ICEC International Cost Management Journal (ICMJ)

ISSN 2077-8848

Editor – Peter Smith

The ICEC International Cost Management Journal (ICMJ) was established in 2002 and comprises  selected classic peer-reviewed Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Project Management papers published by ICEC members in peer-reviewed academic journals, ICEC world congress proceedings, ICEC Member congress proceedings and other congress proceedings by associations with MOC/MOU agreements with ICEC.
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ICEC World Congresses & Council Meetings

ICEC holds a global Congress and Council Meeting every 2 years. ICEC also holds annual regional meetings in each of the 4 ICEC regions (Region 1 – North/South America, Region 2 – Europe/Near East, Region 3 – Africa & Region 4 – Asia Pacific). Further meetings are held as required. The first International Cost Engineering Council Congress (ICEC) was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1971. Since 1972 there has been an ICEC Congress every second year. ICEC holds its Council Meeting every 2 years in conjunction with these World Congresses. The next ICEC World Congress will be held from 12 -15 June 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherland hosted by the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE).  The 2024 event will take place in Accra, Ghana as a joint conference with the Africa Association of Quantity Surveyors (AAQS) after having to postpone hosting the 2020 event due to COVID-19. 
Click the link below to see where  ICEC Congresses have been held since 1972:

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Upcoming Congresses & Events – The ICEC Calendar

A calendar of cost engineering, quantity surveying, and project management conferences and meetings around the world

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International Cost Engineering Council Awards

ICEC has a number of awards that are presented on a biennial basis in conjunction with each ICEC World Congress and Council Meeting. The awards that are conferred comprise the following:

– ICEC Distinguished International Fellow Award (DIF)
– ICEC Region & Chair Awards
– Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award
– Jan Korevaar ICEC Congress Paper Award

See below for details of these awards and all past recipients of these awards.

Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award

In 1992 at the 12th International Cost Engineering Congress, the International Cost Engineering Council initiated the Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award to recognize the paper chosen by Congress delegates through their evaluations as the outstanding paper presented at each International Cost Engineering Congress. The award was created in memory of Jan Korevaar, Executive Director of the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers and Assistant Secretary of ICEC for many years.

Click below for more information about the award & previous award winners. 

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Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award Rules


The Kenneth K Humphreys Award Program

1.    The 2006 International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) meeting decided unanimously to introduce the Kenneth K Humphreys Award for the most outstanding cost engineering, project management and quantity surveying papers by students or young members of member associations (the Awards).

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Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award Winners

This section provides information on previous award winners of the Kenneth K. Humphreys Paper Award.

Click below for this information

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Prospective Member Information Kit

ICEC is an umbrella organisation that represents project cost management associations on a global scale. Its membership currently comprises well over 40 professional associations spread throughout the world. Whilst ICEC does not permit individual membership, ICEC collectively represents more than 120,000 project cost management professionals from over 100 different nations in the fields of Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Project Management. These professionals are all members of ICEC member associations.

Click below for a copy of the ICEC Prospective Member Information Kit. This kit also provides useful information for ICEC member associations and their individual members.


ICEC Information Brochure

Click below for an information brochure on ICEC.



This section of the ICEC website includes links to various internal ICEC documents for the information of ICEC delegates and member associations.

Some of these documents are password protected. If you think that you might be entitled to view these documents but do not know the password please email the ICEC Secretariat ( Please include the name of the member association that you are affiliated with and your position in that organisation in your email. Requests for access to any other internal ICEC documents should be made to Peter Smith, ICEC Secretary General either via email ( or in writing to: c/ International Cost Engineering Council Secretariat, Level 3, 70 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

ICEC Objectives and Membership (ppt presentation)


Protected: Directory of ICEC Officers & ICEC Member Contacts

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Advantages and Obligations of Membership.

The following list describes some of the advantages obtained by an association which affiliates with ICEC and lists some of the obligations of member associations.

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Constitution and Bylaws of the International Cost Engineering Council

The current ICEC Constitution & Bylaws (as amended in November 2014) can be found here. Click here for a copy.