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Members of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)

Member societies of ICEC are generally national associations or institutes.
Many member societies however have members in other countries. Some Member
societies have sections or chapters in several countries. The list to the left
indicates the headquarters nation of each society.

The initials CE, QS, and PM denote cost engineering, quantity surveying, and
project management societies respectively. This listing also includes former
ICEC members, the Member societies of the Pacific Association of Quantity
Surveyors (PAQS) and many members of the Africa Association of Quantity
Surveyors (AAQS).

Region 1 – North
America and South America

AACE  International;

CIQS (Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors) QS;

GOGRC (Grupo OFC Guia de
Costos) (CE);

CICH (Honduran Civil Engineers Association) (CE);

IBEC (Instituto Brasileiro de
Engenharia de Custos) (CE);

SMIEFC (Sociedad Mexcana de
Ingeneira Economica, Financiaeray de Costos) (CE).

Region 2 – Europe and
the Near East

ACostE (Association of Cost
Engineers – United Kingdom) (CE);

AEIPRO (Asociación
Española de Ingeniería de Proyectos) (Member 2003 – 2006) (PM)

AICE (Associazione Italiana
d’Ingegneria Economica) (CE);

CAPQS (Cyprus Association
of Professional Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

DACE (Nederlandse Stichting
Voor Kostentechniek) (CE);

FDP(Foreningen for Dansk
Projektledelse / Danish Project Management Association) (PM);

Engineering Club) (CE);

ICES (Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors) (QS);

IRACE (Iranian Association for Cost Engineering) (CE):

PMA (Projekt Management
Austria) (PM);;

PMG (Project Management
Greece) (PM);

RACE (Romanian Association
of Cost Engineering) (CE);

SMaP (Société de Management de Projet) (France) (PM)

SPPR (Spolocnost pre
projektove riadenie / Project Management Association of Slovakia) (PM);

VSF (Verkefnastjornunarfelag
Islands / Project Management Association of Iceland) (PM);

ZPM (Slovenian Project
Management Association (PM).

Region 3 –

ASAQS (Association of
South African Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

GhIS (Ghana Institution of
Surveyors Quantity Surveying Division) (QS);

INQS (Institute of Namibian
Quantity Surveyors) (ICEC Associate Member) (QS);

IQSK (Institute of Quantity
Surveyors of Kenya) (QS);

MAQS (The Mauritius
Association of Quantity Surveyors) (ICEC Associate Member) (QS);

NIACE (The Nigerian
Institute of Appraisers and Cost Engineers) (CE);

NIQS (Nigerian Institute of
Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

SAPCI (Southern African
Project Controls Institute) (CE);

ISU (Institution of Surveyors of Uganda) (QS)

Region 4 – Asia

AIQS (Australian Institute
of Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

ACES (Australian Cost
Engineering Society) (CE);

BSIJ (Building Surveyor’s
Institute of Japan / Nihon Kenchiku Sekesan Kyokai) (QS);

CCEA (China Cost Engineering
Association) (CE);

FIQS (Fiji Institute of
Quantity Surveyors) (QS) (ICEC Associate Member);

HKIS (Hong Kong Institute
of Surveyors) (QS);

IPMSL (Institute of
Project Managers of Sri Lanka) (PM);

IQSI (Indonesian Association of Quantity Surveyors) (QS)

IQSSL (Institute of
Quantity Surveyors of Sri Lanka) (QS);

RISM (Royal Institution of
Surveyors Malaysia / Pertubuhan Juruukur Malaysia);

NZIQS (New Zealand
Institute of Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

PICQS (Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

PMAI (Project Management
Associates – India) (PM);

PUJA (Brunei) Surveyor Division (QS);

SISV (Singapore Institute
of Surveyors and Valuers, Quantity Surveying Division) (QS).

2022 ICEC World Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The 2022 ICEC World Congress was held from 12 -15 June 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was hosted and organised by the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE). DACE are a founding member association of ICEC. The congress was preceded by the biennial ICEC Council Meeting on 11-12 June 2022. Details about the Congress can be found at

Joint ICEC 11th World Congress & PAQS 22nd Congress: 18-20 Nov 2018, Sydney, Australia

The Joint 11th International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) World Congress & 22nd Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) Congress was held in Sydney, Australia from 18-20 November 2018. The congress was preceded by the ICEC Council Meeting on 15-16 November and the PAQS Board Meeting on 17 November at the same venue.

IET/ACostE Project Controls Network – Webinar on ‘Project Controls in Utility Companies’ – July 2019

The IET/ACostE Project Controls Network held a Webinar on 8 July 2019 on the topic of ‘Project Controls Within Utility Companies’. This was presented by Project Control Managers from the UK National Grid, which handles projects from the Electricity, Gas and Nuclear sectors in the UK. The network has kindly made the webinar available free of charge for all ICEC members to view. The link to the webinar is:

ICEC Membership Value Proposition

Click here for a 1 page summary outlining the value of ICEC membership.

10th ICEC World Congress & Council Meeting: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 8-12 October 2016 – Paper Proceedings Published

The 10th ICEC World Congress was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 8-12 October 2016. The ICEC Council Meeting and other meetings were held prior to the Congress on 8-9 October. The Meeting Agenda Book can be found in the Members section of this website. The Congress host and organiser was IBEC – the Brazilian Institute of Cost Engineers (an ICEC member association since 1981). The event was an outstanding success and higlighted the tremendous work that IBEC are doing in developing the Cost Engineering Profession in the South/Central America region. As ICEC was founded in 1976 the Congress also celebrated ICEC’s 40th Anniversary. The paper proceedings and other details about the congress can be found on the congress website at

International Construction Measurement Standard (ICMS) Coalition

ICEC attended the inaugural meeting for the development of International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) at the IMF headquarters in Washington DC on 16-17 June 2015 and became a signatory to the ICMS Coalition that was formed as a result of the meeting. Click here to read the inaugural communications release. The ICMS is now well established and being used around the world. Details can be found at:

ICEC June 2019 International Roundup Newsletter

To access the latest ICEC Roundup Newsletter click on – June_2019_Roundup_1

Copies of past issues of the newsletter can be found below.

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ICEC Distinguished International Fellow (DIF) Award

At the 17thInternational Cost Engineering Congress in 2002 the International Cost Engineering Council instituted the award of Distinguished International Fellow. The award is conferred at each biennial ICEC World Congress and Council Meeting.

The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to ICEC and to the association or institute of which they are a member for a period of years. The recipients must be nominated to receive the award by an ICEC member association or institute. They must:

  • Have held a significant volunteer position in both ICEC and a member association or institute;
  • Have had significant involvement over a period of several years in both ICEC and a member association or institute; and
  • Must have made a significant contribution to the development of the cost management profession.

The Fellowship provides recognition to individuals who have made major contributions to ICEC and the cost management profession both in their home country and internationally. Recipients are granted the post nominals of “DIF”.

There are currently only 48 cost management professionals worldwide with this Distinguished International Fellowship (DIF). This reflects the exceptionally high international standards required for the conferral of this fellowship.

Click below for more information and the global list of holders of this fellowship .

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ICEC Region & Chair Awards

The International Cost Engineering Council recognizes significant contributions to the work of the Council at each biennial ICEC Congress with the presentation of ICEC Region Awards. The awards recipients are selected by the ICEC Chairman upon the recommendation of the Director of each ICEC Region. In addition, the Chairman may present a special Chairman’s Recognition to other individuals who have made significant contributions to ICEC during the Chairman’s term of office. These recognitions were first presented in 1998.

Click below for information about previous award winners.

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Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award

The Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award was established in 2006 in recognition of Dr. Humphreys’ service as ICEC Secretary-Treasurer from 1976 until 2006. The award is open to students or young practitioners under 36 years of age and involves the submission of papers through ICEC member associations. The award program is held every 2 years in conjunction with the biennial ICEC World Congresses and the awards are presented at these Congresses. The first awards were made at the 2008 ICEC World Congress in Toronto, Canada and more recently at the 2010 ICEC World Congress in Singapore. The paper awards are available  in each of the three professional categories which make up the membership of the International Cost Engineering Council, ie, Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Project Management. Therefore up to 3 awards are available (one for each of these categories).

ICEC member associations should email papers directly to the ICEC secretariat at: The following dates/deadlines apply for the 2020 award program. Please note that these dates override the dates shown in the Award Rules.

1 April 2020 – Opening date for submission of entries to each member association
1 June 2020 – Closing date for submission of entries to each member association
1 July 2020 – Closing date for member associations to submit their selected paper/s to the ICEC Secretariat

» Read more: Kenneth K. Humphreys Young Student/Practitioner Paper Award

ICEC – An NGO In Roster Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

ICEC is an NGO (Non Government Organisation) in Roster Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. This status was granted on the 21 July 2006.

More information about this Roster Consultative Status can be found at the ECOSOC website at:

This website includes basic facts about this ECOSOC status and a guide on “Working with ECOSOC – an NGOs Guide to Consultative Status”. This can be found and downloaded at:


ICEC Presentation – About ICEC

This presentation provides an overview of the ICEC organisation. Click here

Women in Project Management – Interview with Deanne Earle and Dr Alexia Nalewaik

‘Women in project management’ is an interview with Dr Alexia Nalewaik – ICEC Chair and Deanne Earle the Director of Unlike Before Ltd conducted by KnowledgeTrain.

Please click on the following link to access the interview article: ‘Women in project management’


ICEC Action Plan 2014-16

ICEC ACTION PLAN 2014-16 (adopted 18 October 2014)