ICEC Distinguished International Fellow (DIF) Award

At the 17thInternational Cost Engineering Congress in 2002 the International Cost Engineering Council instituted the award of Distinguished International Fellow. The award is conferred at each biennial ICEC World Congress and Council Meeting.

The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to ICEC and to the association or institute of which they are a member for a period of years. The recipients must be nominated to receive the award by an ICEC member association or institute. They must:

  • Have held a significant volunteer position in both ICEC and a member association or institute;
  • Have had significant involvement over a period of several years in both ICEC and a member association or institute; and
  • Must have made a significant contribution to the development of the cost management profession.

The Fellowship provides recognition to individuals who have made major contributions to ICEC and the cost management profession both in their home country and internationally. Recipients are granted the post nominals of “DIF”.

There are currently only 48 cost management professionals worldwide with this Distinguished International Fellowship (DIF). This reflects the exceptionally high international standards required for the conferral of this fellowship.

Click below for more information and the global list of holders of this fellowship .

Distinguished International Fellow Award

The first recipient of this award was:


The award was bestowed on Dr.Humphreys on 16 April 2002 at the 3rd ICEC World Congress and 17th International Cost Engineering Congress, in Melbourne, Australia.

There are currently 48 recipients of this prestigious international fellowship. The following is a list of the current ICEC Distinguished International Fellows sorted by Country/Member Association. The year of the award of the Fellowship is shown in brackets.

America/Canada – AACE
Kenneth K Humphreys (2002 – Inaugural Recipient)
Christopher G. Walker (2004)
Franklin D. Postula (2004)
James A Bent (2006)
Brian D Dunfield (2006)
Allen C Hamilton (2006)
Henry C Thorne (2006)
Ginette Basak (2010)
Alexia Nalewaik (2012)
Sam Griggs (2014)
Madhu Pillai (2016)
Julie Owen (2018)

Australia – AIQS
Dennis Lenard (2004)
Peter Cox (2012)
Peter Smith (2016)

Brazil – IBEC
Paulo Roberto Vilela Dias (2014)
José Chacon de Assis (2014)
Angelo Valle (2016)

Denmark – DPM
Eilif Holen (2004)
Carsten Wredstrøm (2014)

France – AFITEP (previous member)
Gilles Caupin (2004)

Ghana – GhIS
Kwadwo H. Osei Asante (2012)

Hong Kong – HKIS
TT Cheung (2004)
Ki Cheung (KC) Tang (2018)

Italy – AICE
Luigi Pojaga (2008)
Gianluca di Castri (2012)
Emanuele Banchi (2016)
Guenzi Giancarlo (2018)

Malaysia – RISM
Ong See Lian (2012)

Nigeria – NIQS
Murtala A Oladapo (2006)
Joseph Olusegun Ajanlekoko (2018)

Singapore – SISV
Edward Tang (2006)
Goh Ngan Hong (2010)
Teoh Wooi Sin (2012)

Slovenia – ZPM
Andre Kerin (2008)
Dr. Brane Semolic (2008)

South Africa – ASAQS
JJP (Basie) Verster (2006)
Egon Wortmann (2008)
Corne De Leuuw (2008)
Prof Robert Pearl (2012)

South Africa – CEASA (previous member)
Hubertus J. M. Paquay (2004)

The Netherlands – DACE
Steven Boeschoten (2006)
Rob van Hoeve (2010)

United Kingdom – ACostE
Roger M. Batten (2004)
Don F Parkinson (2006)
Bruce Watson (2006)
Alec Ray (2008)
Alan Barltrop (2014)

All of these recipients have provided significant contribution over a long period of time to the cost management profession both in their own countries and internationally.

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