Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award

In 1992 at the 12th International Cost Engineering Congress, the International Cost Engineering Council initiated the Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award to recognize the paper chosen by Congress delegates through their evaluations as the outstanding paper presented at each International Cost Engineering Congress. The award was created in memory of Jan Korevaar, Executive Director of the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers and Assistant Secretary of ICEC for many years.

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Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award

Recipients of the Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award from 1992 to 2012 are detailed below. Click on the links to download the award winning papers.

2018 – 11th ICEC World Congress, Sydney, Australia:

Peter Wong (AIQS Australia)

for his paper “Towards Decision Making on Carbon Reduction Over the Building Life Cycle – An Empirical Study”.

2016 – 10th ICEC World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Walter Krause (IBEC Brazil)

for his paper “Project Audit Processes & Project Governance to Improve Results”.

2014 – 9th ICEC World Congress, Milan, Italy:

Angelo do Valle (IBEC Brazil)

for his co-authored paper “Effective Implementation of Project Management Offices (PMO) in Organizations”.

The other co-author for the award winning paper was: C. A. Pereira Soares (Federal University Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

2012 – 8th ICEC World Congress, Durban, South Africa:

The 2012 Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award was awarded to:

Aldo Dórea Mattos (AACE Brazil)

for his co-authored paper “Management Challenges of Building a World Cup Stadium in the Amazon“.

The other co-authors for the award winning paper were: Carlos Henrique Lima, Gláucia Alves & José Grajeda Fernandes

2010 – 7th ICEC World Congress, Singapore:

The 2010 Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award was awarded to:

Alexia Nalewiak, MRICS CCE for her paper “Systemic Audit and Substantive Evaluation in the Built Environment“.

2008 – 6th ICEC World Congress, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

The 2008 Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award was awarded to:

Joseph A. Lukas, PE CCE for his paper “Earned Value Analysis – Why it Doesn’t Work“.

2006 – 5th ICEC World Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia:

The 2006 Jan Korevaar Outstanding Paper Award was awarded to:

Maja Ferle for her paper “Implementing Earned Value Management on IT Projects“.

2004 – 4th ICEC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa:

At this Congress two honorable mention awards were presented, in addition to the winning paper. The two honorable mention papers had evaluations nearly as high as the winning paper. These two papers also attracted exceptionally large audiences because their interest level and thus were deemed worthy of special recognition.

The recipient of the Korevaar Award was:

Kevin M. Mattheys for his paper “Development of an integrated business and career model for Cost Engineering”

The runnerup papers were:

Peter Smith for his paper “Trends in the Australian Quantity Surveying Profession: 1995-2003”

Eugene Seah for his paper “Do’s and Don’ts for E-Tendering: A Quantity Surveying Perspective”

2002 – 3rd ICEC World Congress, Melbourne, Australia:

James G. Zack for two papers, “The Cost Engineer as an Expert Witness: Are There any Rules?” and “Calculation and Recovery of Home/Head Office Overhead”. Mr. Zack was the also the 2000 winner of the Jan Korevaar Award. The first of his Melbourne papers was essentially a repeat of his 2000 award winning paper, “Expert Witness Services in Construction Litigation”. It received the highest delegate evaluations as it did in Calgary in 2000. As a repeat paper, it would not ordinarily have received consideration for the award. However the second paper was new and received the second highest evaluation of all papers which were presented in Melbourne. For these reasons, the International Cost Engineering Council is pleased to once again present the Jan Korevaar Award to James G. Zack.

2000 – 2nd ICEC World Congress, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

James G. Zack for two papers, “Expert Witness Services in Construction Litigation” and “Are You Prepared for Mediation?”. The first of these papers was unique in that Mr. Zack voluntered at the last minute to present the paper when another Congress speaker cancelled his presentation. Mr. Zack’s presentation was informal without the benefit of a prepared paper in the Congress Transactions. Despite the lack of a written manuscript, Mr. Zack’s informal paper was selected by the Congress participants as being the outstanding presentation at the Congress. Lest there be any doubt about an informal paper being selected, the Congress delegates also selected Mr. Zack’s formal paper as the next best paper presented at the Congress. For these reasons, the Jan Korevaar Award was presented to Mr. Zack to recognize his authorship of both papers.

1998 – 1st ICEC World Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

At this Congress two awards were presented because the evaluations submitted by the Congress delegates were a virtual tie vote:

Ginette B. Basak, P Eng, and Ron Beugin for their paper “Enhanced Project Cost Control: A Dynamic and Contemporary Approach to Accessing and Modifying Project Information using the Intranet”

Charles P. Woodward, PE CCE, and Dr. Kenneth K. Humphreys, PE CCE, for their paper “The Planning and Execution of an International Project: A Checklist of Actions”

1996 – 14th International Cost Engineering Congress, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico:

Dr. Kenneth K. Humphreys, PE CCE, for his paper “Sources of International Cost Data”. Partially updated to September 2005.

1994 – 13th International Cost Engineering Congress, London, England:

Bernard A. Pietlock, CCC, for his paper “Developing Location Factors Using a Factoring Method”

1992 – 12th International Cost Engineering Congress, Orlando , Florida, United States:

A. Larry Aaron, CCE, for his paper “Steps to Sponsoring Successful Seminars and Symposiums”