Member Associations

Members of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)

Member societies of ICEC are generally national associations or institutes.
Many member societies however have members in other countries. Some Member
societies have sections or chapters in several countries. The list to the left
indicates the headquarters nation of each society.

The initials CE, QS, and PM denote cost engineering, quantity surveying, and
project management societies respectively. This listing also includes former
ICEC members, the Member societies of the Pacific Association of Quantity
Surveyors (PAQS) and many members of the Africa Association of Quantity
Surveyors (AAQS).

Region 1 – North
America and South America

AACE  International;

CIQS (Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors) QS;

GOGRC (Grupo OFC Guia de
Costos) (CE);

CICH (Honduran Civil Engineers Association) (CE);

IBEC (Instituto Brasileiro de
Engenharia de Custos) (CE);

SMIEFC (Sociedad Mexcana de
Ingeneira Economica, Financiaeray de Costos) (CE).

Region 2 – Europe and
the Near East

ACostE (Association of Cost
Engineers – United Kingdom) (CE);

AEIPRO (Asociación
Española de Ingeniería de Proyectos) (Member 2003 – 2006) (PM)

AICE (Associazione Italiana
d’Ingegneria Economica) (CE);

CAPQS (Cyprus Association
of Professional Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

DACE (Nederlandse Stichting
Voor Kostentechniek) (CE);

FDP(Foreningen for Dansk
Projektledelse / Danish Project Management Association) (PM);

Engineering Club) (CE);

ICES (Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors) (QS);

IRACE (Iranian Association for Cost Engineering) (CE):

PMA (Projekt Management
Austria) (PM);;

PMG (Project Management
Greece) (PM);

RACE (Romanian Association
of Cost Engineering) (CE);

SMaP (Société de Management de Projet) (France) (PM)

SPPR (Spolocnost pre
projektove riadenie / Project Management Association of Slovakia) (PM);

VSF (Verkefnastjornunarfelag
Islands / Project Management Association of Iceland) (PM);

ZPM (Slovenian Project
Management Association (PM).

Region 3 –

ASAQS (Association of
South African Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

GhIS (Ghana Institution of
Surveyors Quantity Surveying Division) (QS);

INQS (Institute of Namibian
Quantity Surveyors) (ICEC Associate Member) (QS);

IQSK (Institute of Quantity
Surveyors of Kenya) (QS);

MAQS (The Mauritius
Association of Quantity Surveyors) (ICEC Associate Member) (QS);

NIACE (The Nigerian
Institute of Appraisers and Cost Engineers) (CE);

NIQS (Nigerian Institute of
Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

SAPCI (Southern African
Project Controls Institute) (CE);

ISU (Institution of Surveyors of Uganda) (QS)

Region 4 – Asia

AIQS (Australian Institute
of Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

ACES (Australian Cost
Engineering Society) (CE);

BSIJ (Building Surveyor’s
Institute of Japan / Nihon Kenchiku Sekesan Kyokai) (QS);

CCEA (China Cost Engineering
Association) (CE);

FIQS (Fiji Institute of
Quantity Surveyors) (QS) (ICEC Associate Member);

HKIS (Hong Kong Institute
of Surveyors) (QS);

IPMSL (Institute of
Project Managers of Sri Lanka) (PM);

IQSI (Indonesian Association of Quantity Surveyors) (QS)

IQSSL (Institute of
Quantity Surveyors of Sri Lanka) (QS);

RISM (Royal Institution of
Surveyors Malaysia / Pertubuhan Juruukur Malaysia);

NZIQS (New Zealand
Institute of Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

PICQS (Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors) (QS);

PMAI (Project Management
Associates – India) (PM);

PUJA (Brunei) Surveyor Division (QS);

SISV (Singapore Institute
of Surveyors and Valuers, Quantity Surveying Division) (QS).

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