DACE (Nederlandse Stichting Voor Kostentechniek) (CE)

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Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE)

ICEC Founding
Member – 1976



Address: PO Box 1058
3860 BB Nijkerk
Phone: 31 33 247 3455
Fax: 31 33 246 0470
Email: info@dace.nl
Internet address: https://www.dace.nl
President: Ir AH Rol – arno.rol@movares.nl
Executive Secretary / Director: Dr JP de Kleijn – Jaap.deKleijn@mos-net.nl
ICEC Delegate: Jaap Vreeburg (jaap.vreeburg@shell.com


The objective of DACE is to promote knowledge of cost engineering and its
application in deciding on and monitoring the costs of investment projects.
Achievement of the objective is aimed for by forming special interest groups and
project groups of professional cost engineers, building cost experts and value


In co-operation with Hogeschool (College of Higher Education) Arnhem &
Nijmegen (HAN) cost engineers are trained in a two-year course, in the Dutch
language. The certificate of the course is internationally recognised. In
addition, various training courses in the fields of Cost Engineering , Value
Engineering & Value Analysis are organised.


DACE is the editor of the DACE Price Booklet, published by Reed
Business Education, containing cost data for making estimates and of the
loose-leaf Cost Engineers Manual published by Kluver BV.


DACE is the publisher of the DACE Labour Norms



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