ICEC International Congress and Regional Forum Standards

1. Sponsorship – International Congresses will be sponsored on a worldwide basis by the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).

ICEC will also sponsor seminars and symposia on a continental or regional basis which will be designated as “ICEC Forums”.

Without the approval of the International Cost Engineering Council the title “International Congress”, “ICEC Forum”, the ICEC logo, the ICEC initials, and/or the name of the International Cost Engineering Council shall not be used in connection with any Congress, seminar, symposium, or similar event.

In agreeing to sponsor an International Congress or ICEC Forum the ICEC is acting as the agent of its constituent Associations and Societies.

2. ORGANIZATION. An International Congress or ICEC Forum will be organized by one or more of the constituent Associations or Societies.

3. INITIATION. The ICEC will determine the frequency and general location of International Congresses and may invite the appropriate constituent Association(s) to organize the Congress. The formal Proposal to hold an International Congress will be made by the individual Association(s) to the Council.

ICEC Forums may be organized on a continental or regional basis by any member Association or Society with the advance approval of ICEC.

4. FINANCE. The organizing Association(s) will be solely responsible for the financial management of the Congress or Forum and any liabilities resulting therefrom. They will receive any profit and underwrite any loss that may result from the Congress or Forum.

5. APPROVAL. Before the title of “International Congress” or “ICEC Forum” is granted to any proposed event, the organizing Association(s) shall submit their formal Proposal for the meeting to the ICEC. The Proposal will specify the arrangements for the meeting covering:


a) Location.

b) Date and duration.

c) Structure of meeting; including subjects, number of papers, plans for ensuring international participation and accommodation.

d) Associated technical activities.

e) Arrangement for living accommodation and social programme for attendees.

f) Timetable for publicizing the Congress, obtaining papers and inviting people to attend.

A preliminary Proposal for an International Congress should be submitted so that whenever possible approval in principle can be given four years before the date of the proposed Congress, and the firm Proposal submitted so that approval to use the title “International Congress” can be given two years before the proposed date for the Congress.

A Proposal for an ICEC Forum should be submitted in sufficient time for approval to be granted at least nine months prior to the date of the event.

6. DURATION. An International Congress would normally be expected to last not less than three days.

An ICEC Forum may be as short as one day.

7. TECHNICAL PROGRAMME. Before giving approval, the ICEC would normally expect to see a balanced technical programme covering both subjects of general interest that would appeal to a large number of Cost Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, and/or Project Managers and a number of specialized topics that would appeal to experts in particular fields. Arrangements would be required so that papers could be presented in English and the language of the host country. Further translation facilities may be provided at the discretion of the sponsoring Association(s).

8. SOCIAL. Arrangements would be specified in the Proposal for the accommodation of attendees and the related social programme of events. These must be such that they provide a good environment for the informal meeting and exchange of views of attendees and their families.

9. TIMETABLE. The proposed timetable must fully recognize the long lead time required to organize events of this complexity, especially the time required to communicate internationally and to effect translation of technical copy.

10. BUDGET PLANNING. In planning the Congress budget, the organizing Association(s) must include a per capita fee to be submitted to ICEC at the close of the congress. The fee for Congresses held after the 2008 Congress will be AU$ 55.00 per registered delegate. The ICEC fee for an ICEC Forum is AU $20.00 per registered delegate. The maximum fee for an ICEC Forum is AU$ 5,700. There is no maximum fee for ICEC Congresses. The amount of these fees is determined by vote of the Members of ICEC and is subject to revision as may be required in the future.

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