ICEC Communications Guidelines



The International Cost Engineering Council is an organization of associations, not individuals, and thus its official communications with the member associations are with the designated representatives of each association not directly with the individual members of the associations. Recognizing the advent of worldwide electronic and other systems for virtually instantaneous communication such as the “Project and Cost Forum” on CompuServe which has been established by AACE International and similar systems under consideration by other ICEC member organizations, the International Cost Engineering Council has established the following guidelines for the use of electronic and written communications in connection with ICEC activities:


In order to assure that communications issued in the name of the International Cost Engineering Council are conducted in a manner which is consistent with the ICEC Constitution and Bylaws and with the ICEC objectives and policies, the following communications guidelines have been established for use by ICEC officers, directors, and member associations:

  1. ICEC officers and directors may use ICEC letterhead stationary and/or titles in communications that are consistent with ICEC objectives and policies. Courtesy copies of all such correspondence are to be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  2. ICEC is not a publisher of information. Rather it gathers and distributes information of interest to ICEC member associations, related organizations, and officially designated representatives and correspondents who may, as appropriate, publish the information for the benefit of their respective constituencies or organizations.
  3. The ICEC Chairman or Secretary-Treasurer may distribute, via printed media or electronic means, general information about the activities of ICEC and its member associations to the member associations, other organizations with related interests, and officially designated ICEC correspondents and representatives as provided for in the ICEC Constitution and Bylaws. It shall be the responsibility of the delegates and officers of each member association to publish or otherwise disseminate such information, as appropriate, to the membership of their respective associations.
  4. ICEC Chairman or Secretary-Treasurer may respond to technical inquiries and may communicate news and information of a general non-technical nature about ICEC sponsored Congress and events and about activities of member societies to other interested parties provided that such communication is consistent with ICEC objectives as outlined in the ICEC Constitution and Bylaws.
  5. Other individuals may not distribute information in the name of ICEC without first submitting the material for review and the concurrence of the Secretary-Treasurer (S-T). The S-T will assure that the proposed distribution is in accord with all applicable ICEC policies.
  6. When electronic means are utilized for any information distribution or publication, ICEC shall fully observe the publications policies established by the sponsors or providers of the electronic services or forums which are used for publication.
  7. Communications pertaining to ICEC business including proposed changes to the ICEC Constitution, Bylaws and policies shall be generally limited to ICEC officers and directors, ICEC delegates, member society presidents and member society executive directors (or equivalent). Electronic transmission of such information shall be by private communication and shall not be posted to any public accessible bulletin board or electronic forum.
  8. ICEC shall not distribute any material that has been copyrighted by others without permission of the copyright holder(s). When materials were previously published by a member association, permission of the member association shall be required before distribution by ICEC and subsequent publication by any member society. Appropriate credit shall be given to the source of any previously published material whether copyrighted or not. Such credit shall include notice of any preexisting copyrights. All ICEC members and delegates are to include the source of information which they supply to ICEC for publication, indicate if the information is copyrighted, and, if so, obtain written permission from the copyright owner to publish the information.
  9. ICEC shall not distribute any materials containing registered trademarks, service marks, or other proprietary identification mark without indicating the proprietary nature of any such marks.