ICEC Region II Presidents’ Protocol

We, the presidents of the European national Cost Engineering associations, members of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC):

  • The Association of Cost Engineers, ACostE (UK)
  • Dutch Association of Cost Engineers, DACE (NL)
  • Norsk Forening for Projektledelse, NFP (N)
  • Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, AICE (I)
  • Association Francaise des Ingenieurs et Techniciens d’Estimation, de Planification et de Projets, AFITEP (F)
  • Svenskt ProjektForum, SPMS (S)
  • Project Management Association of Finland (Projektitoimintayhdistys), PMAF (FIN)
  • Foreningen for Dansk Projektledelse (DK)
  • Gepirari Tudouanyos Egyesulet-Muszaki Koltsegtervezo Klub, GTE-MKK (H)


  • The objectives of the ICEC, which are to encourage, promote and advance the science and art of cost engineering and project management for the public good, worldwide.
  • The creation within ICEC of four regional groupings of associations, Region 2 being Europe and the Near East, in order to foster closer co-operation between associations.
  • The need to develop tighter contacts between European associations, in order to participate to the full development of the European Union.
  • The interests of our members to have the profession of Cost Engineer recognised throughout Europe equally.

Have agreed the following:

  1. We re-affirm our commitment to the ICEC objectives as stated in its Constitution and Bylaws, and will do our best in our respective countries and as a European group to facilitate these objectives.
  2. We consider that there is as growing need to co-ordinate our national associations activities on issues of common interest and that ICEC Region 2 organisation is the optimum vehicle for this co-ordination and for the promotion of our co-operation with our sister associations in Europe, and worldwide.
  3. We will encourage and support our delegates to ICEC in promoting Region 2 common projects for the good of our membership.
  4. We acknowledge the importance of promoting ICEC within the European Union. We therefore give to ICEC Region 2 Officers the task of representing our Associations as a group in the necessary contacts with the relevant European Union bodies for obtaining, through the adequate means, recognition of Cost Engineering as a distinct profession.
  5. We recognize the need to establish accredited education and training of cost engineers, and will encourage the development of education, certification and continuing professional development programmes.
  6. We will make our best efforts to publicise ICEC Region 2 activities within our own membership and will actively encourage them to participate.

This document has been signed in London on October 8th, 1994.

(Note: This document was signed by representatives of the then nine European Members of ICEC. At the time of the signing of the protocol, ICEC had three regfions and the names of some of the Members was different. The above text was posted to the ICEC Internet page on 19 May 1998 and has been edited to show that ICEC now has four regions and to show the current names of the Member societies).