Requirements for Membership

International Cost Engineering Council is a worldwide confederation of national and international associations of serving the cost engineering, quantity surveying, and project management professions.

ICEC does not have individual members. Participation in ICEC affairs is accomplished through membership in one of the ICEC affiliated societies. Persons interested in membership, should apply to one of the ICEC member associations which serve their nation of residence.

National or multi-national associations or organizations may be admitted as Members or Associate Members of the Council upon affirmative vote of two-thirds of the ICEC Members. Prior to admission to membership, said organizations must submit to the Secretary:

  1. A description of their objectives;
  2. A copy of their Constitution or other governing document (with an English language translation thereof if English is not the primary language of the original document);
  3. A description of their requirements of individual or corporate membership in their association or organization, including a copy of their membership application form (with an English language translation thereof if English is not the primary language of the original application form);
  4. A tabulation of the number of their individual and corporate members;
  5. A description of the types of organizations for whom their individual members work;
  6. Payment of the ICEC annual subscription fee for the year in which membership application is made;
  7. A copy of their most recent annual financial status report; and
  8. A copy of any journal or other document published by them or in their name.


  1. Effective 1 January 2017, ICEC fees are payable in Australian (AU) dollars. The fees are payable in Australian $ because the ICEC Secretariat is now located in Australia. Fees however may continue to be paid in US $ at whatever the actual exchange rate is at the time payment is made.
  2. The annual ICEC Member subscription fee is AU $0.65 per individual member plus AU $16.00 per industry or corporate member of the association requesting ICEC membership. A minimum payment of AU $425.00 is required. The maximum fee payable by large associations is AU $10,700; and
  3. The grade of Associate Member was created for organizations having fewer than 100 individual members. The Associate Member subscription fee is AU $2.00 per individual member with a minimum required payment of AU $100.00. For the purpose of determining subscription fees and for determining if an applicant for Associate Membership has less than 100 individual members, each industrial firm or organization which is a member of the applicant association shall be considered as the equivalent of 10 individual members.