2022-2024 ICEC Executive Officeholders

ICEC office holders are members of an ICEC member association and are elected for a two year period. The current ICEC officers for 2022-24 are:

Angelo Valle ICEC Board
Angelo Valle
ICEC Chair

Eugene Seah
ICEC Senior Vice Chair

peter smithDr Peter Smith
ICEC Secretary-General

Kofi Obeng Ayireb
ICEC Admin.

Aldo Mattos

ICEC Admin.

Alec Ray
ICEC Technical
Vice Chair
United Kingdom

Image result for gianluca di castri
Gianluca di Castri
ICEC Immediate Past Chair
Sean Regan
Marketing Director

Madhu Pillai


Middle East Director
Saudi Arabia

Roger Batton
Advisory Board Chair
United Kingdom
    • ICEC Region Directors
      Region 1 – Paulo Dias (Brazil)
      Region 2 – Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
      Region 3 – Njeri Wachira Towey (Kenya)
      Region 4 – Keith Yim (Hong Kong)
    • ICEC Region Deputy Directors
    • External Relations
    • Region 1- Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez (Mexico)
    • Region 2- Alan Barltrop (United Kingdom)
    • Region 3- Michael Frimpong (Ghana)
    • Region 4 – Julie Cruz (The Philippines)
    • Marketing
    • Region 1- Maria Teresa Dalenz (Bolivia)
    • Region 2- Danilo Arba (Italy)
    • Region 3- Jennifer Musyimi (Kenya)
    • Region 4 -To Be Advised
    • Standards/Professional Development
    • Region 1- Jose Calix (Honduras)
    • Region 2-Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
    • Region 3- Christelle Brown (South Africa)
    • Region 4 – Goh Ngan Hong (Singapore)
    • Academic Forums/Research
    • Region 1- Maria Teresa Pino (Paraguay)
    • Region 2- Robert de Vries (The Netherlands)
    • Region 3- John Muhumuza (Uganda)
    • Region 4- Professor Anthony Mills (Australia)
    • ICEC Region Assistant Secretaries
    • Region 1- Heitor Luz (Brazil)
    • Region 2- To Be Advised
    • Region 3- Ayodele Faleye (Nigeria)
    • Region 4- Zhang Xingwang (China)

ICEC Ambassadors
Gianluca di Castri ICEC Chair 2020-22
Kwadwo Osei-Asante ICEC Chair 2018-20
TT Cheung ICEC Chair 2016-18
Dr Alexia Nalewaik ICEC Chair 2014-16
Carsten Wredstrøm ICEC Chair 2012-14
Murtala Oladapo ICEC Chair 2010-12
Peter Cox ICEC Chair 2008-10
Ginette Basak ICEC Chair 2006-08
Basie Verster ICEC Chair 2004-06
Dennis Lenard ICEC Chair 2000-02
Allen Hamilton ICEC Chair 1998-2000
Roger Batten ICEC Chair 1996-98
Christopher Walker Inaugural ICEC Chair 1976-1980
Ong See Lian RICS Global President 2011-12, PAQS Chair 2003-05, RISM President 2003-04
Adesh Jain IPMA Chair 2007-08,
ICPMA President 2008-09, PMA-India Hon Nat President

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