The International Cost Model / Location Factor Product Project


ICEC is developing an international cost model / location factor product. Two standard model designs with quantities are developed; one for a commercial building and one for a process plant. To simplify the effort, the models are greatly simplified proxies for a full design. The information comes from ICEC members who estimate the cost of these simple model facilities (one page) using local costs, productivities, allowances, and so on within given estimate basis assumptions and guidelines. The goal is to have preliminary results ready at the next ICEC International Congress.

More information

The effort is being conducted using AACE International’s public discussion forum venue. Anyone can participate or get information by registering in the forums at The forum name is the “ICEC Location Factor Project”.

How to Participate

Everyone is invited to provide cost data (confidentially). The data forms are available from the AACE forum. Any questions that are not answered in the forum can be directed to John Hollmann (


ICEC has developed a presentation that describes the product, why it is important to the industry, and why professionals with international cost management experience should consider contributing to the joint effort.

A paper about the project by John Hollmann and Dr Peter Smith was also presented at the 2007 PAQS Congress in New Zealand.