SPPR (Spolocnost pre projektove riadenie / Project Management Association of Slovakia) (PM)




Spolocnost pre projektove riadenie
Project Management Association of
Slovakia (SPPR)

ICEC Member since 2003



Address: PO Box c.211, Posta 1
917 01
Phone: 421 2 592 74 562
Fax: 421 2 592 74 562
Email: sppr@sppr.sk
Internet address: https://www.sppr.sk
President: Mr Rudolf Takác


Project Management Association of Slovakia (SPPR) is a non-profit
professional organization based on voluntary association of individuals and
legal entities dedicated to advancing project management in Slovakia. The
Association’s main goal is all-around promotion of professional project
management, primarily through skill and qualification improvements, and through
exchange of knowledge and experience.


Activities include:


  • Advising the Slovak government, companies and universities;
  • Developing training and certification;
  • Organizing courses, seminars and conferences;
  • Implementing software systems;
  • Issuing newsletters;
  • Building up libraries; and
  • Identifying challenges and cooperating with similar organizations abroad.


SPPR was established in 1994 due to splitting of Czechoslovakia into
independent Czech and Slovak Republics. However, its roots go back to the 1960s
when members began participating in International Project Management Association
(IPMA, formerly Internet) activities.


SPPR is a member of IPMA, CENET, ICEC and also closely co-operates with the
Project Management Institute (PMI).





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